What We Stand For


BACKGROUNDALPA INDIA was an organization which represented the Indian pilots at IFALPA and its main constituents were IPG, ICPA and SWIP. With the difficulties run into by IPG which was steer heading the ALPA INDIA movement and non-availability of the office bearers, the organization lost steam and had become nonfunctional over time.

The National Aviators guild took over the responsibility of reviving ALPA India and presented a proposal to IFALPA in the MADRID conference in 2015.

The proposal and a concession of fees due to IFALPA were agreed upon and thus began the process of re-registration of ALPA India.

ALPA India registration was complete and the with a membership of 650 pilots increasing to 950 pilots predominantly of NAG is the current status as on date.

The fees due to IFALPA has been paid by NAG and we are in the process of remitting payment for the year 2018-19. The charges are approx. CAD $ 30 per member to be remitted at Montreal Canada.

PRESENT POSITIONWe are a registered society with its head office in Bangalore and have seven committee members who are from NAG.

We have members from INDIGO, Air India, Air Asia, Vistara and Spice jet and general aviation in their individual capacity.

We extend an invite to all Helicopter pilots of Indian nationality, irrespective of their country of employment.

We are in talks with the Former Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshall Fali Major, who is one of the most distinguished helicopter pilots in the country, in order to head the rotary wing branch of ALPA India.

We extend invitation to members of ICPA and IPG with two seats each on the managing committee for a three year uninterrupted term.

We also invite pilots from the budget carriers to join the managing committee at one per airline for an uninterrupted period of three years.

The constraints of pilots joining the managing committee are well known and to overcome this we have requested volunteers to be airline base coordinators for each airline.

All our meetings are held through video conferencing and hence not limited by the geographical coordinates of committee members or coordinators.

Our Secure website www.alpaindia.org has been upgraded and is live now and would be constantly updated to keep abreast with technology and inform members of the progress of ALPA India.